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Smile Billy (Photo Friday – Countryside)


Frisbeat (Photo Friday – Sports)

Sandy Days

This has been one of the most beautiful summers I have experienced here in California.  Opie and Rizzo agree.

30 Day Challenge – No social networking

I gave myself a new challenge this past month. No social networking. Particularly Instagram and Facebook. Facebook, for me, has evolved to be a mental junk food that gave me “brain cavities”. I found myself getting sucked into little pointless bits of information.  And before I knew it, half an hour to an hour had come and gone. Instagram became a new fetish that actually inspired me to bring out the Canon once again.  But it also veered my attention away from other, more important, responsibilities; e.g. updating pictures for my business website. Now that my “brain cavities” have been cleaned and filled from filth, I have moved on. Don’t get me wrong I like social networking, but in moderation.  Cheers!


Rollie Pollie (Photo Friday- Dog)

This is Rollie.  He is the offspring of Rizzo and Opie, my cocker spaniels.  When he was a pup, he had a tendency of rolling over in his sleep, hence his name.  I left this floor seat out and in a flash he had taken it over.  Upgrade from his dog bed :)


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